Emerging UK Crowdfunding Startups Thriving in Historical York City Centre

January 29, 2024

In recent years, the UK startup ecosystem has seen significant growth, with various regions showing signs of becoming established hubs for specific industries. In the city of York, for example, businesses focusing on crowdfunding have emerged as prominent players. Here we take a closer look at these York-based crowdfunding startups, all of which have been conceived in 2020 or later.

The crowdfunding industry in the UK has rapidly gained traction and, as a result, has seen an incredible amount of innovation and development. Startups have managed to utilise the power of the crowd for a variety of purposes, from fundraising for charities and social causes to investment in businesses or real estate. This diverse application has further amplified the importance of this industry in accelerating the success of startups themselves.

Given the recent boom in the crowdfunding space in York, we have decided to feature a list of startups that are paving the way forward. Each company on our list shares the common mission of leveraging crowdfunding strategies to fuel their respective industries.


Britesiders, co-founded by Sam Barberie, stands at the intersection of consumer software, crowdfunding, media and entertainment, and video streaming. This startup provides a creative and interactive platform for content creators, organisations, etc. to raise funds for numerous causes. Visit their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter @britesiders.


Based in New Rochelle, StockLyft is a marketplace for crowdfunding agribusiness, transportation and real estate projects in developing countries. Co-founded by Emmanuel Nsowah and Moses Amedonu, the platform aids individual lenders in mitigating risks by diversifying their portfolios, with a minimum investment of $15. Learn more about them at their LinkedIn page and Twitter @stocklyft.


PorchLights is an innovative startup revolutionising the architecture, government, and smart cities industries with crowdfunding tactics. Stay tuned for more information on this startup’s groundbreaking work.

Greatest Gift

Co-founded by Ben Arbov, Greatest Gift presents a unique interpretation of crowdfunding through their fintech platform that turns investing in a child’s future into a personal gift. Discover more about their work on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


A new startup called Spair, co-founded by Austin Stehling and Christopher Petillo, aims to alleviate the burdens related to student loan repayment via their streamlined software solution. The idea is to deliver benefits to employees that are financially rewarding today and not just in the future. Visit their LinkedIn page and Facebook page to learn more.


Transferfan is a sports crowdfunding startup that aims for worldwide fan empowerment. You can get more updates about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Bld Funds

IDisrupting the property market is Bld Funds. Led by Pedro Alves de Lima, Renato Burton and Victor Bittar, this fintech firm offers everyone easy access to residential and commercial properties in the US with diverse investment options. Check them out on their Facebook page or LinkedIn page, or follow them on Twitter @BldFund.


Rebuildee, founded by Russell Tuchman, is a unique B2C crowdfunding platform. Visit their LinkedIn or Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @rebuildee.

The above startups, with their innovative take on crowdfunding, are definitely changing the landscape of this industry in York and all over the UK. This list is testament to the vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity of the founders who are pushing boundaries and creating space for vital, life-changing solutions.

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