Exploration, new experiences, simplified planning: your City as you’ve never seen it before – this is Urbaniser

The ultimate app for all foodies, art lovers, shoppers, and urban explorers – simply organise the places you need and love, in any city in the world

  • Create personal city collections for all the places you need and love
  • Organise all your places into easily managed categories
  • Navigate effortlessly from place to place and quickly add new discoveries on the go
  • Recommend whole collections, specific categories or special places to friends with one click

As we emerge out of lockdown, safe exploration and unique and memorable experiences have never been so important. This summer, it’s all about making the most of our exciting UK Cities.

Part of what makes living in or close to a city so special are the unique experiences that wait for us at every corner – the hole in the wall little finds that only we know about. City life is all about the places that are ours, with each of us naturally curating our unique city playlists based on our specific lifestyle needs and personal tastes.

We’re always on the lookout for new places to experience, whether scrolling through Instagram, reading an article, or chatting with friends. We save them online, on our phones, or on scraps of paper. But we’ll likely never experience most of them. We forget names and locations, and what we’ve saved where. We’re too busy and we’re never in the right place at the right time.

Introducing Urbaniser. Urbaniser allows the user to simply store all their favourite places on one platform with geolocations, open-source data, photos, and notes – making it more likely for the user to follow through. Urbaniser is your personal space, no busy feeds, no followers and no likes.

Urbaniser fits different type of City goers and is used in different ways:

  • The City Planners: these are the organised travellers who already like keeping lists and notes of places to go. Those who wander through life keeping track in notebooks, taking screenshots, sending emails to themselves, and even keeping excel sheets of cities and places.
  • The Social Hubs: these are the people who we go to for recommendations, we all have them and/or have been them – for example, friends coming to London asking where they should go.  The problem is that putting such personalised lists together with places, links and notes is a bit of a hassle. With Urbaniser it just takes a couple of clicks for you to edit and send recommendations to anyone you like.
  • The Mavens: these are people with specific hobbies or passions who search out and save relevant places wherever they go – for example, if you love cycling, you’ll seek out beautiful landscapes and local pubs to explore, or if you love cooking, you’ll have detailed knowledge of local produce markets and delis.     

Create, organise, navigate and recommend. Urbaniser is your personal collection of your favourite places for any city in the world.

Dr Orit Gal, Founder of Urbaniser said: “To me, every city is fascinating because of the overwhelming abundance of places to discover, navigate and enjoy. Everyone has their own unique personal experience and different versions of any city – our own special kaleidoscope mix of places, tailored to our passions and lifestyle needs. 

We constantly curate, add to, and edit our personalised collections of places, and they become part of our identity. Urbaniser is a simple yet smart list-making app to help people save, organise and share any place in any city in the world, like your own personal little black book of contacts, always there in your pocket.”

Download Urbaniser on the App store or get it on Google Play.

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