Exploring Film Production Startups Anchored in York, UK’s Creative Hub

January 25, 2024

As the startup scene continues to thrive, new entrants in the Film Production Industry are making a significant impact within the UK, particularly within the historic, cultural city of York. These startup businesses stand as testament to the ever-growing presence of ingenuity, innovation and talent within the UK’s Film Production industry. With companies founded in 2020 and later presenting their leading-edge offerings, these startups showcase their unique blend of technology, creativity, and cinematic insight. Herein is a review of these distinguished film production startups.

From creating innovative software for video editing, to delivering compelling content via digital platforms, these startups have a common goal: to push the boundaries of what is possible within the Film Production Industry. They strive to make film production more streamlined, more creative, more technologically advanced, and overall more influential. The York film production startups we are going to look at are breathing new life into a well-established industry and revolutionising the way we experience visuals through film and digital media.

Whether it’s promoting black web series, developing 3D content using artificial intelligence, or providing a B2B enterprise solution software that automates staffing, management, and payments for film productions, these startups exemplify how unique ideas and innovative thinking can completely reshape, and enhance the film production industry. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these exciting companies.


Founded by Gabriel Ruttner, Clearmix lives at the intersection of film production, software, and video editing. Their focus is on producing branded video content for sales and marketing teams, utilising a 100% remote process to conduct guest interviews anywhere. Clearmix is demonstrating its potential in transforming the way firms approach video content generation, and you can keep track of their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Black Oak TV

With offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Oakland, Black Oak TV, founded by Uzo Ometu, is a digital media company specialising in film production and video streaming. Showcasing black web series, short films, TV shows, movies, and more, they are carving out an inclusive space in the digital media world. You can explore their work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and follow their updates on Twitter.

Casablanca Films

Casablanca Films specialises in full film production services for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and technology brands. They operate in numerous domains like Animation, Film Production, Motion Capture, Video, Video Advertising, Video Editing, and Video on Demand. The firm currently does not have links on social media platforms.

Mod Tech Labs

Founders Alex Porter and Timothy Porter head Mod Tech Labs, a startup that blends 3D technology, content, and film production with machine learning, media and entertainment, productivity tools, and software. They provide an AI-powered platform enabling the automated generation of 3D content. Mod is revolutionising 3D content creation, their updates can be viewed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Fascinatingly broad in scope, Newsworthy operates in a plethora of disciplines including Broadcasting, Consulting, Content, Creative Agency, Education, Film Production, Media and Entertainment, News, Publishing, and TV Production. Newsworthy was founded by Dillon Bernard and currently it hasn’t got a company website or any social media presence.


Founded by Marc Calamia, Sageworx is tackling multiple domains such as Consulting, Content, Content Marketing, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, Event Promotion, Events, Film Production, Marketing, and TV Production. They describe their services as being agile, fractional, and streamlined. Want to know more? Look them up on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Tripsst! is a disruptor in the media and entertainment industry. Jaime Alberto Cabal, Javier Llanes, Luis Alejandro Moreno, and Rafael D. Fonseca Idler founded this enterprise. They offer a platform highlighting the world’s top experiences with high-quality content that inspires millions worldwide. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Aryeh Hoppenstein and Christina Chironna, FilmUp is becoming a significant player in film production, offering B2B enterprise solutions that automate staffing, management, and payments for film productions. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Assembly, founded by Oliver Hicks, aims to redefine the Post Production experience by bringing together seasoned professionals with extensive creative and technology credentials. Keep up with their journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

New Queer Order

New Queer Order is committed to fostering the queer community by collaborating to establish and grow queer-owned and operated businesses. They can be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Charge Across America

Charge Across America operates in automotive, electric vehicle, events and film production. They currently do not maintain active social media links.

From providing innovative solutions, promoting diversity, to redefining experiences, these startups are adding immense value to the Film Production Industry. As the emblem of innovation, passion and talent, these York startups have a promising future and are destined to have a significant impact on the sector and beyond.

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