Exploring Innovative UK-Based iOS Startups Shaping the Tech Landscape

January 29, 2024

Over the past year, the influence of tech startups in the UK, especially those focusing on iOS development, has seen significant growth despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. These startups are working in various sectors such as e-commerce, fintech, mobile applications, cloud services and gaming. They have shown resilience and ingenuity, creating innovative solutions and services that have made a positive impact on industries and customers alike.

The majority of such startups are located in and around London, although other regions are also offering a conducive environment for entrepreneurs. The companies listed in this article have been selected for their innovative ideas, market potential, and the impact they’ve had in their respective industries since their inception in 2020 or later.

Several amongst these are paving the way in mobile applications, from personalised wardrobe styling to video interview platforms and betting platforms. As we navigate the rest of 2021, these startups are ones to watch, as they grow and influence their respective markets. Here are some of the most promising ones.


Located in London, RABT was founded by Hasam Ahmed Khan and is dedicated to connecting GenZ Muslims with inspiring Islamic content on-demand. Their platform curates some of the best Islamic content available, creating an immersive experience for users. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin

Aventus software

Based in Harrow, Aventus software assists Internet-based businesses in designing and developing cloud-native web and mobile solutions, driving digital transformation to result in higher engagement, efficiency, and profitability.


Founded by Bobby Tang, Kirstie Brockett, and Mac Dziedziela, Screenable offers a smart video interview platform aimed to streamline
applicant screenings and improve recruitment processes. Connect with Screenable on Linkedin


Betmate, a Liverpool-based social betting platform, lets users bet against one another in a modern fantasy football game. Check out Betmate on Facebook and Linkedin


Fashtech company Whering, founded by Bianca Rangecroft, focuses on creating a mobile application for wardrobe styling and utilization. You can see more about them on Facebook and Linkedin


Created by Jonathan Kilchoer, Killgan is responsible for developing applications for smartphones, computers, and tablets. Check their updates on Facebook and Linkedin

Momentum Games

Momentum Games, a London-based startup headed by Tolga Unlu, develops viral, effective projects for the gaming community. Check their updates on Facebook and Linkedin

Kanexy Ltd

Leading consulting service provider Kanexy, founded by Syam Puli, offers an innovative combination of technology and service to make business processes affordable. Check out Kanexy on Facebook and Linkedin


Softexpoit, founded by MD MAHIR TAZWAR, offers wide-ranging software development services for different types of industries. Check them out on Facebook and Linkedin

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