Exploring Promising AgTech Startups Headquartered in the United Kingdom

January 3, 2024

Location: London, England, United Kingdom | Company Industry: AgTech, Food and Beverage | Founders: Christopher Reynolds, Jevan Nagarajah

Better Dairy is a startup that was established in 2020. Focusing on AgTech, this London-based company manufactures dairy products. It employs precision fermentation to produce the same cheeses, yoghurts, and ice creams that customers are accustomed to without the use of animals.

Link to Better Dairy LinkedIn

Introduction to Verna

Location: Borehamwood, Hertford, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Environmental Consulting, Farming, Geospatial

Verna is a business using geospatial data science to address the climate and nature crises, helping landowners, investors, and policymakers to use land in ways that draw down carbon, enhance biodiversity and generate sustainable returns.

Link to Verna LinkedIn

About Animal Alternative Technologies

Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom | Company Industry: AgTech, B2B, Biotechnology, CleanTech, Food and Beverage, Hardware, Software Engineering | Founders: Clarisse Beurrier, Yash Mishra

Animal Alternative Technologies is a recently founded biotechnology B2B spin out of the University of Cambridge. They are engineering a scalable, end-to-end ecosystem for Cultured Meat production.

Link to Animal Alternative Technologies LinkedIn

Getting to Know Kyomei

Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Biotechnology, Organic Food, Sustainability

Kyomei is a startup that develops a meat protein production system using plant cell biology, they use sustainable ways to add flavor on meat-based alternatives.

Introduction to Albotherm

Location: Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Chemical | Founders: Molly Allington, Sian Fussell

Albotherm offers a smart transitioning coating technology that regulates temperature without the need for energy input.

Link to Albotherm LinkedIn

About Kentford Consulting

Location: Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Consulting

Kentford Consulting is a startup that provides consulting services in the field of agricultural equipment.

Link to Kentford Consulting LinkedIn

AgroCognitive: A Quick Introduction

Location: Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Farming | Founders: Javier Soto

AgroCognitive is an affordable precision agriculture platform to give insights to farmers and automate all farming process.

Link to AgroCognitive LinkedIn

About Kingslands

Location: London, England, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, E-Commerce | Founders: Omar Berrada

Kingslands is an Agtech company focused on helping farmers be more profitable

Link to Kingslands LinkedIn

Getting to Know Bx

Location: London, England, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Blockchain, Environmental Engineering, Farming, Information Technology, Software | Founders: Antony Yousefian, Ben Bardsley

Bx Technologies is a climate-tech company helping food brands remove emissions in their food supply chain.

Link to Bx Technologies LinkedIn

About E-NANO

Location: London, England, United Kingdom | Company Industry: AgTech, Robotics, Sports | Founders: Christian von Scheidt, Alan Jurnet Berteloot, Erwann Lompech Leneveu and Gabor Zichy

E-NANO is an AgTech and Robotics startup based in London.

Link to E-NANO LinkedIn

Farmsio: A Quick Introduction

Location: London, England, United Kingdom | Company Industry: Agriculture, AgTech, Aquaculture, Farming, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, Satellite Communication, Software | Founders: Krishna Srinivasan, Venkatesh Sivaraman

Farmsio platform improves pre-and post-harvest efficiency by digitizing the value chain and provides Climate-Smart sustainable solutions.

Link to Farmsio LinkedIn

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