Exploring UK-Based Startups Revolutionising the Debit Card Industry

January 28, 2024

The UK has become a fertile ground for startups with the aim of challenging traditional banks and forging the path to innovative banking solutions. This article focuses on a select collection of these revolutionary startups formed in 2020 or later with their headquarters based in the UK. The featured startups operate within the Debit Cards sector. Each startup profiled exudes uniqueness and shows a promise to drive a significant impact in the banking and financial industry.

Whether combining banking with sustainability, aiming for cost-effective card payment solutions, or embracing the latest blockchain technology, these startups go beyond simply providing a service. Their missions revolve around creating a positive, lasting impact on their consumers and the wider community.

Let’s delve in and find out more about each of these innovative businesses shaking up the UK Debit Cards industry.


TreeCard, based in London, operates within the banking, debit cards, financial services, FinTech, and sustainability sectors. Founded by Gary Wu, James Cox, James Dugan, and Jamie Cox, TreeCard offers a unique full stack green finance platform that allows consumers to spend, save, and invest responsibly. They have partnered with Ecosia to create a wooden payment card that utilises generated interchange fees to fund reforestation. Connect with them: @treecardapp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in London, LINK IO ventures in the sectors of blockchain, cryptocurrency, debit cards, finance, financial services, FinTech, and payments. Founders Emmanuel Ebuka Evarist, Marvel George Ekpo, Tomisin Leshi, and Victor Nwaejie have created LINK IO as a web3 Cross border payments infrastructure for Africa. Learn more and engage with them through their LinkedIn.


Eco2wallet merges Debit Cards, Financial Services, FinTech, and Payments industries. Founded by Yodaly Sierra-Rubio, the company offers an environmentally friendly card-linked wallet for consumers and businesses. Their digital wallet linked with a green debit card is used for checkout and online payments. Find them on @eco2wallet, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SproutPay, located in London, operates within the banking, credit cards, debit cards, finance, and mobile apps sectors. It allows the sending of multiple currencies to African recipients, and also assists with international payments from Africa, loading of cards and e-wallets among other features. Connect with them via @sproutpay, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in London, Crossamount specializes in credit cards, debit cards, FinTech, mobile payments, payments, software and transaction processing. They offer a cost-effective card payment solution, especially for low amount transactions, focusing on no additional fixed cost per transaction. They offer multicurrency processing and more. Reach them on their Facebook page.


Clear, another London-based startup, operates within apps, cosmetics, debit Cards, E-Commerce and other industries. Founded by Ahana Banerjee, Clear uses data, technology and community to innovate the skincare industry. Connect with them on @getclearapp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Cleva is based in Little Warley, Essex, operating within the debit cards, financial services, FinTech and payments sectors. They aim to make financial transactions smarter. Find them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Britcoin Business Card

Britcoin Business Card merges banking, bitcoin, debit cards, financial Services and small and medium businesses. Its Founder, Den Christian Bocassa, envisions it to be the ideal choice for all SMEs’ banking needs. Catch them on @britcoincard, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lobster Money

Lobster Money services the banking, content creators, credit bureau, credit and debit cards, and other sectors. Spearheaded by Bobby Abdullah, Lobster Money is set to revolutionize the world of finance. Stay connected with them on @TheLobsterMoney and via their LinkedIn.

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