Exploring York’s Innovations: UK-Based Financial Exchange Startups Spotlight

January 28, 2024

Despite the challenges that 2020 presented, numerous startups within the Financial Exchanges industry flourished, launching innovative services and products that are reshaping the sector. Particularly notable are the startups headquartered in York that have emerged as frontrunners, demonstrating not only resilience but also the potential to redefine the dynamics of financial services. In this article, we highlight eleven such startups whose contributions to the industry are making waves in York and beyond.

The Financial Exchanges industry is experiencing rapid innovation thanks to startups like Serum, Zeta Markets, ClearList, Bitprive, Stirlingshire, EZE, Cointelli, Rollfi, Harpie, and Mars Markets. These startups, despite their short operational timeframes, have had considerable impacts in the financial sector, offering a variety of services from cryptocurrency ecosystems to music industry disruption.

We’ve dug into each of these startups, looking at who they are, what they do, and why they stand out in their respective niches. Here’s what we’ve discovered:


Serum, founded in 2020, is making its mark as the world’s first completely on-chain cryptocurrency ecosystem providing trustless trading. Collaborating with a consortium of crypto trading and DeFi specialists, Serum has built fast and efficient solutions that are reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape.

Zeta Markets

Zeta Markets is an innovative under-collateralized DeFi derivatives platform offering liquid derivatives trading to both individuals and institutions. With Zeta Markets, users can efficiently speculate, hedge, and take positions on countless market shifts, all at minimal gas costs.


ClearList, established in 2020, serves as a marketplace for private companies, offering real-time, transparent price discovery based on actual investor sentiment. Giving access to a vast range of investors, ClearList has revolutionised the private equity landscape in less than a year of operation.


Founded in 2020, Bitprive is centred on developing a regulated global cryptocurrency OTC marketplace. Their platform supports trading with popular payment methods across the world making cryptocurrency trading effortless on a global scale.


Stirlingshire is disrupting the world of finance by developing a full-service broker-dealer model. They combine the ease of the latest apps with top-level customer service and personalised advice, focusing on accredited investors and finance professionals.


EZE, founded in 2021, is a DeFi cryptocurrency investment management platform. EZE makes it seamless to connect new retail investors with professional traders, benefiting both parties with its user-focused design.


Cointelli was created to make calculating crypto taxes easy. With their intelligent, all-in-one crypto tax solution, Cointelli lets users manage their tax obligations in one place, saving on taxes and reducing stress.


Rollfi offers a range of financial services in the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Payments sectors, making financial exchanges seamless and more accessible.


Harpie serves as the first on-chain firewall that prevents scams, hacks, and theft. They actively monitor pending transactions for potential attacks, ensuring users’ assets’ safety.

Mars Markets

Mars Markets is making significant strides in transforming the music industry. By applying capital market principles, mars enables artist driven initiatives, benefitting creators and fans alike.

These startups, despite their relatively short existence, are already making their mark and shaping the future of financial trading. With innovative services and technology, expect these startups to continue making significant contributions to the industry in the coming years.

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