How Are Businesses Going Green?

June 3, 2022
Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

The sustainability agendas of organisations worldwide seemed to go on hiatus as the coronavirus pandemic hit and the focus shifted from businesses making a profit to pure business survival.

Now, however, as the dust settles and society starts to think about its ‘new normal’, companies are again looking to make more ethical and sustainable choices in their business operations. For now, incremental changes may be key before larger practices can be committed to – but there’s lots that can be done to make a meaningful impact. You might like to consider some of the following.

Choosing green gifts

The small items that businesses use and give away on a daily basis are often disregarded as single-use products without environmental credentials but there are now plenty of high-quality sustainable options on the market. Stationery made from recycled materials, reusable drinks bottles, and awesome lights from IGO Promo all form part of the incredibly vast collection now available that can help businesses transform their commercial usage and corporate gift-giving practices.

Introducing specific recycling bins

Now that employees are returning back to workplaces after sustained periods of absence, waste forms a critical part of the environmental impact such facilities have. The introduction of a bin system that has separate receptacles for landfill waste as well as different types of recycling encourages those using them to consider their individual impact every time they throw something away. In addition, a clear bin system separating different types of waste makes it easier to sort different waste types when the time comes for their processing.

Turning off the lights

All too often in an office or workplace, everyone leaves at the end of the day without considering who is the last to go – and so the lights stay on overnight for absolutely no reason. Enforcing a policy of ‘last one out turns the lights off’ can be effective in saving electricity. Lighting with sensors and timers may prove even more effective in reducing energy usage and increasing efficiency. It must be remembered though, that whatever approach is taken the light levels must be appropriate. There is evidence to suggest that illumination that is too bright or too dim can affect productivity.

Empowering employees

Employees usually form the majority of any organisation and so although sustainability initiatives and new policies may be dictated to them to some extent, their contribution should not be undervalued. Empowering employees to make more sustainable choices in their daily roles as well as allowing them the facilities to suggest further improvements that could be made in their workplace will help them understand their individual input. It can also motivate them to do more. Those working for the business may also be able to provide alternative viewpoints on company efforts that senior management or policy-makers may not identify themselves.

Corporate social responsibility had very much become a focus for most businesses pre-pandemic, but understandably such efforts took a back seat for many over the past couple of years. Now that organisations are getting back on their feet it’s time to reconsider efforts and take steps to achieve more.

Operating in a responsible and ethical manner that honours our environment is the only way for long-term business survival. This will support organisations through tumultuous times possibly even more cataclysmic than a global pandemic.

Small changes add up and every business doing their bit will contribute to efforts. Don’t feel as though your company’s impact is too insignificant to make an impact. Anyone thinking they’re too small to make a difference just needs to think about being locked in a room with a mosquito.

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