Rising UK-Based Startups Revolutionizing the Content Marketing Industry

January 23, 2024

The events of 2020 have sparked a wave of innovation within the UK’s startup ecosystem, as entrepreneurs perceive unexpected opportunities and take risks to launch new businesses. One of these burgeoning industries is Content Marketing, which has experienced an upswing in growth due to the importance of building and maintaining a strong digital presence in today’s business environment. This article delves into some of the most dynamic startups operating in this industry, established since 2020 and all based here in the UK.

Our focus is centered on novel enterprises that have adopted innovative solutions to challenges plaguing content marketing. Such challenges include but are not limited to; enhancing brand visibility in a saturated online marketplace, delivering engaging and relevant content to the right demographic, and leveraging the potential of analytics in fine-tuning marketing strategies. The companies highlighted herein use groundbreaking strategies to address these issues and more.

Browse through our collection of the rising stars of the content marketing industry and unearth their stories, solutions, and how they’re transforming the marketing landscape in the UK and beyond. Each section features a bio of the company, its founders, industry, and a link to the website for further information.


From its headquarters in London, Auddy is taking on the challenges faced by content creators in the Audio, Broadcasting, and Content Marketing Industry. The driven founders of this innovative enterprise, Andrew Craissati, Chris Ancliff, Cliff Plumer, and Howie Singer, emphasized a creator-focused strategy in their solution. Auddy combines editorial input, data insights, and analytic resources, marketing and promotional services. This approach has empowered creators to optimize their content and effectively build their audience. Furthermore, Auddy offers an impressive royalty rate to its creators, securing their profits while driving their success.


Based in London, Kickly is an innovative startup making strides in the content marketing, apps, brand marketing, graphic design, and sports industries. Founded by Radu Lisita and Valeriu Crudu, Kickly provides unique solutions within its industry. Although details surrounding its operations are quite scant, keen enthusiasts can follow their progress on their website.

About Now

About Now is a London-based startup specializing in content marketing, market research, SEO, web design, and web development. The company has taken an ethical stance in its operations and is a carbon-neutral SEO agency. Their strategic approach to boosting online brand visibility integrates proven SEO and keyword optimization strategies. Also central to their operations is the use of real-time backlink analysis in identifying marketing and content gaps and ultimately optimizing commercial impact.


Established in 2020, OriginalityB2B is a marketing agency operating from Wiltshire. Founder Bob Jones has engineered the company’s focus towards the global electronic engineering community and technical sectors. With few details available about their specific operations, those interested can follow their progress on their website and social media platforms.


Located in Hove, Brighton, SEOMG! is a content marketing startup founded by Dan Adam. Despite scant details surrounding their specific operations, their focus lies in the content marketing and SEO industry. Their website and social media outlets provide a platform for interested parties to stay updated with their progress.

ClimbHigh SEO

With a focus on advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO, ClimbHigh SEO operates from its base in Carlisle, Cumbria. Details surrounding their origin and operations are sparse, but their growing online presence suggests a promising venture.

Literal Humans

Founded by Paul David and William Gadsby Peet, Literal Humans is a London-based digital marketing agency. Specializing in content marketing, SEO, amongst several other services, Literal Humans offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. Their service range includes but isn’t restricted to creative and branding, social media and email marketing, website development, LinkedIn lead generation, and VC content strategy services.


Weviaa was founded by Keshav Mor and Sushila Mor, and is an exclusive service provider for influencers and top brands. Based in London, this corporation offers an extensive array of services including campaign creation and management, influencer identification and management, content creation, design-related services, videography, amongst others.


Attirer, a London-based crypto-brand agency, enhances it’s clients’ visibility and media exposure through employing long-term organic content marketing strategies, technical SEO, and community social engineering. Founded by Eugene Makarenko, Attirer aligns itself as an extension and enhancement to a brand’s existing marketing efforts rather than a replacement.


5Mins is a London-based, self-learn gamified platform, that stands out as a leader in the E-learning and Content Marketing Industry. The brand’s learning solution focuses on improving employees’ skills through the curation of short-form video content from top creators worldwide.


SnapSea, a software company founded by Cody Dillabough, is making exciting strides in the content marketing industry. With its base in London, the details surrounding the brand’s specific operations are still scant.

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