Spotlight on Cambridge’s Own: Inspiring UK Consumer Industry Startups

January 29, 2024

Looking back at the year of 2020, an increasingly difficult year to launch any company given economic uncertainty, Cambridge in the UK witnessed a rising launch rate of startups in various industries. In spite of these conditions, innovative startups continue to emerge across various sectors. Among these, several worthwhile startups can be found in the consumer industry.

The city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom is known for being one of the top breeding grounds for innovative startups within the region. From wearable technologies to online eyewear visionaries, Cambridge’s consumer-focused startup scene is teeming with entrepreneurial talent and revolutionary ideas. In this article, we will take you on a journey across some of the unique companies that have emerged in recent times.

We’ve selected eight standout startups in the consumer industry, each of them showing a unique perspective and approach in their respective niches. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these exciting startups:


Founded by Dan Josebachvili and Steve Chambers, Silvertree is advancing wearable technology specifically targeting the aging population. Their goal is to provide a safe, stylish, and connected wearable device that aids in independent living for older adults. More About Silvertree

World Makers

The innovative minds of James Thompson, Joel Mills, Jordan Fox and Oliver Hodge established World Makers, an intriguing social multiplayer games studio. Catering to a diverse consumer base, World Makers offer unique interactive experiences to users. More About World Makers

EmTech Care Labs

Brought to life by Aarabi Balasubramanian, EmTech Care Labs focuses on consumer applications and healthcare. The team is deeply committed to developing solutions that improve the quality of life for their users. More About EmTech Care Labs


Founded by Karen Lee, GLOU BEAUTY is a platform for beauty lovers in an age of conscious consumerism. This startup introduces an innovative re-commerce platform that makes beauty resale faster, cheaper, and safer for consumers. Facebook Page | More About GLOU BEAUTY


Under the pioneering leadership of Rob May, Dianthus is revolutionising how small to medium E-commerce brands operate by leveraging artificial intelligence. More About Dianthus

Auraleaf Innovations Inc.

The brainchild of Kaveh Nedamat, Auraleaf Innovations Inc. widens the consumer industry’s horizons into biopharma, biotechnology, and healthcare. This startup aims to bring biotechnology’s health-promoting influences into everyday consumer goods. More About Auraleaf Innovations Inc.

Cambridge Spectacle Co.

The brainchild of Ahmed Ejaz, Cambridge Spectacle Co. is redefining eyewear. With exceptional crafting and design, this startup provides high-quality spectacles at an equitable price range. More About Cambridge Spectacle Co.

Crazy Goose Clothing

Specialising in consumer goods, E-commerce, fashion and retail, Crazy Goose Clothing is adding a new wave to the fashion industry with their unique styles and accessible approach. Facebook Page | More About Crazy Goose Clothing

These companies encapsulate the resilient spirit of Cambridge’s startup scene, exemplifying how innovative thinking can flourish even amid the toughest of circumstances. We hope that by highlighting the work of these pioneering companies, we can inspire and stimulate other entrepreneurs in their own startup journey.

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