Syntonym’s Synthetic Anonymization for Privacy Protection | A Leading Generative AI Startup

Syntonym provides a Generative AI-based Synthetic Anonymization solution, to create advanced use cases for businesses while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

Going beyond traditional anonymization to maintain meaning and utility in visual data, Syntonym introduces a privacy-preserving state-of-the-art technology solution for businesses, to enable their future-proof use and analysis of image and video data.

Privacy as a Strategic Priority

Technologies that will determine the future of many industries including mobility, smart cities, retail, healthcare, industrial production and robotics, rely on visual data.

When visual data is not processed in a way that meets individuals’ privacy expectations and ensures compliance with data protection regulations; this not only leaves businesses at risk of non-compliance but also damages the reliability of AI algorithms.

Focused on data protection by design and by default, Synthetic Anonymization Technology prevents structural and functional losses in traditional anonymization by preserving key analytical metrics.

How Syntonymization Works

Synthetic Anonymization Technology irrevocably anonymizes faces in image and video data, by replacing them with synthetic (non-existent) faces, in real-time.

This Syntonymization process excludes any personal identifier in visual data; while preserving, at minimum, key metrics such as head pose, gaze, facial expressions, age group and gender.With privacy protection and user trust being competitive advantages for technology companies, Syntonym.

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