Top 5 Hotels For Digital Nomads Visiting London

May 2, 2022
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Employment is an evolving phenomenon, and now we have names that could be a little confusing!

For example, digital nomads!

Do you know what it means? Well, I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t.

Digital nomads are people who do not settle in a business or any other conglomerate at a particular place. Rather they move around from country to country like a vagabond, and their soul sustenance is through digital work.

Now, if you are someone who found themselves in London due to your ‘business’ but does not plan to stay here long, then there is no point in renting an entire apartment, which will make you sign a lease on a yearly basis.

It is better to find a convenient coliving space in hotels and Airbnbs.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the best hotels which could be just as comfortable for digital nomads.

What Are Digital Nomads?

If you are someone who is not well acquainted with the term, then here is what you need to know.

‘Digital Nomads’ are a trendy term that we use to address the individuals who work remotely while traveling, before the whole work from home element commenced upon us.

These are mostly digital workers like freelance writers, graphic designers, and SEO experts. Their work mostly comprises the digital field, which gives them the ease to work from any location without having to reach the office.

They are more likely to settle at a place of their choice since they are independent workers.

Thus, the concept of the digital nomad lifestyle is because these individuals are less likely to settle at a place for years on end.

Hotels For Digital Nomads

For some, it could be tiring, and the lack of job security could be bothersome. However, someone who has always had an ardent interest in traveling is going to be more than happy to brag about a job like that.

Something which doesn’t force them to settle and move around every corner of the world freely.

So, which corner is it going to be this time?



The best part about London is, it has a 2000-year-old civilization with its architectural monuments as the biggest proof of such a rich history, but they are also known as a city that can adapt very quickly.

Therefore, you can easily find hotels that are digital nomad friendly and get your temporary settlement today.

Now, you must be thinking about the difference between a normal hotel and the one which is digital nomad friendly. This is because most people spend most of their working hours in hotel rooms.

Therefore, it should support coliving and have relaxation spaces where the individual can go and have their moment of relaxation.

Here are the best picks!

1. Fizzy Living

If we are beginning something good, let’s just commerce with a little bit of animal love. On seeing the name, you must have noticed that this is going to be an animal-friendly place.

Fizzy Living is not exactly a five-star hotel, but they are nothing less than luxury living for you and your pet (if you always travel with one). 

These are coliving apartment spaces that not only encourage harmonious co-working but also living together by bringing you together with like-minded people.

2. The Smart Studio

Located in one of the most convenient and mesmerizing places in the London city Notting Hill, The Smart Studio is an AirBnb that can accommodate not only you but also all your necessities.

A studio apartment that contains a bedroom, a bathroom, a private kitchen, a must-have study area where you can get your work done, and a storage area.

The beauty of the space is also commendable, which will give you a greater London-ite feel. Plus, taking a stroll through the old markets of Notting Hill is the relaxation you need after all the work is done.

3. The Clubhouse, Mayfair

This place is not just known for both its exterior and interior infrastructural beauty but also because it has an amazing co-working space that will deliver you from all the writer’s block there is.

This is a place for you if you do not wish to spend much to get that high-end home-office workspace experience.

You can even have your kitchen, conference rooms, and outdoor spaces where you can work. Food and drinks are also available 24/7, so you do not have to worry about them when you have important work going on.

4. Quiet Home

Another Airbnb was picked by the digital nomads themselves. Reviews say that they never had a much peaceful and productive experience anywhere else.

A private house just for your convenience and luxury, plus you also have the most friendly host who will accommodate you.

A company for convenience! Isn’t that amazing!

It is located in the quiet London area, close to Wimbledon Street, but do not worry as it has excellent train and tube transport which will take you to central London in minutes.

5. Mortimer Room

There was a time when work and mental illness didn’t go hand in hand.

Well, thank God the world is changing!

Now, you can have all the luxury of a co-working space with special attention to your mental well-being as well. Mortimer room, located in the suburbs of London, does not only include communal spaces, which can induce more productivity.

But, it also has yoga and meditation spaces which will help you to destress from all the workload and just focus on relaxing for the evening.

Get some morning meditation done before starting your day’s task, or indulge in some healthy night yoga to sleep like a baby.

Happy Living – Happy Working!

Let’s face it!

You cannot work peacefully or relax at the day’s end if you do not have the perfect place to do so.

Every hotel mentioned above will give you not only that homely feeling for your temporary stay but also the right amount of isolation which will get the work done!

Plus, with places like this and surroundings so somber, it is almost impossible not to relax at the end of the day.

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