Visionable Is Making Healthcare Accessible and Equitable for All

Visionable is a digital collaboration platform start-up business with a single mission: to help make healthcare accessible and equitable for all. When Lord Victor Adebowale and I founded the company in 2019, it came from many years of thoughtful discussion and exploration of digital collaboration platforms, specifically for healthcare.

There was a clear gap, and that’s where we jumped in. Between us, we have many years of experience in healthcare, particularly the NHS, and we have the technology to help to revolutionise healthcare, improve patient outcomes and reduce the workload of over-burdened healthcare staff.

How does Visionable work?

The Visionable technology itself utilises various USPs to enable healthcare workers to do their job more efficiently.

Visionable boasts:

  • native imagery which is critical in a clinical setting
  • multiple camera feeds and views to assist in complex collaborations like MDTs
  • ingest medical technology
  • multi-screen sharing
  • low-latency transmission which enables large amounts of data to be communicated with minimal delay

A team with a mission

At the core of Team Visionable is the mission:

To make healthcare accessible and equitable for all.

This mission can seem quite daunting, but only because it is a problem in society that hasn’t been solved yet. Victor and I have been building a company to revolutionise global healthcare, and we know it’s possible because we have already made great strides.

Our work so far

Our collaboration platform has already made huge changes to patient outcomes in the East of England, where we power the Stroke Telemedicine Partnership. This partnership works with emergency departments in rural East of England and connects patients with stroke specialists via the platform much more quickly than if they were to wait for an in-person consultation. Door-to-needle time is reduced, and typical patient stays have dropped from 17 days to 2, saving money and producing faster recovery times.

But this is only the beginning.

The future of Visionable

We have recently partnered with Emilia Clarke’s brain injury recovery charity SameYou, and global telecommunications provider Verizon to innovate and elevate our work further. Through these partnerships, and the work we’ve done so far, we use Visionable to help patients and clinicians throughout the care pathway.

Using wearables at the scene, paramedics can get eyes on incidents before they even arrive, and they can prepare hospital staff before the patient arrives there. Healthcare staff can draw on specialist knowledge, even if consultants aren’t based in their hospital through virtual MDTs. Post-hospital stay, patients still have access to care from their home through virtual consultations, online peer support groups and education material. And all of this can be done through Visionable. It is the future of healthcare.

To find out more about Visionable, visit their website:

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