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Why Your Business May Benefit From Using A Self-Storage Unit

If you work from home or only have a small business space, a self-storage unit can offer a way for you to store items without having to clutter your home or workspace. If you want to expand your business but simply do not have the space, this article looks at why your business may benefit from a self-storage unit.


When running a business, finding ways to be cost-effective is vital to healthy profits. If you want to save money and continue working from home or avoid purchasing a bigger store, self-storage could be the most profitable solution.

For all your business self-storage needs, check out Easy Access Self Storage. They offer cost-effective and flexible units for simplicity and convenience. Located in the Manchester area, these are ideal for anyone living in Cheshire or Greater Manchester and require business self-storage that is easily accessible.


Self-storage is a really convenient option for businesses, whether you are well established or just getting on your feet. There are storage options available in every major town and city and most offer a range of sizes to suit your current needs. From small units for little items to large containers for delivery of stock, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Business self-storage is also flexible, with most contracts rolling monthly.

Extra Workspace

Many self-storage units now allow you to work from the unit if you are looking for extra workspace. When your budget does not allow for renting a bigger space or home, being able to add an extra workspace for your crafts or filing cabinets can come in handy. If you sometimes struggle to work from home due to noisy children or just want a change of scenery, having a business self-storage unit that can be used as an extra workspace is ideal.

Business Expansion

Do you want to expand your business and offer more products but simply do not have the space? Business expansion and growth no longer need to be limited by the amount of space you have when you can use a self-storage unit. This ensures that you always have excess stock ready to go when you sell out too. Renting a larger workspace is not always possible but this should not stop you from expanding your business.

Safety and Security

Business self-storage is safe, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your stock or important documents are kept secure. Most self-storage units always have security on-site, as well as helpful reception staff who can assist you when you visit your self-storage unit. Facilities are well protected and come with CCTV to keep your essential items safe.

Businesses who need extra space will benefit greatly from using a self-storage unit if your budget doesn’t currently allow for a bigger workspace. This is also handy for those who work from home, as files and excess stock can soon have your home overrun. You can also choose to rent a self-storage unit as an extra workspace, which is more cost-effective than renting an office space.

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