How This Exciting Startup Broke the Mould in the Tech Industry

Innovation makes the tech world go around. With the horrors of COVID impacting business around the world, this crisis often means opportunities are just around the corner. Business continued to lose money and staff, but what did it mean for those that were able to operate as normal?

Events and networking opportunities came to a halt due to no face-to-face interactions, which is one of the main methods of getting new business. Printed business cards pretty much made redundant because no one could share them.

There was one bootstrapped tech startup that rose from the disasters of COVID-19, called Contapp.

Built for business professionals – Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing and sharing business card data, whilst reducing paper waste globally.

What Does Contapp Do

The free business app works as a digital business card, business card scanner and business card manager – all-in-one.

The user-friendly interface makes business cards more streamlined, easy to find and more convenient from an end user’s perspective. Cloud backup is also available for all users, which was user feedback which was brought to life by the team.

What makes Contapp so innovative is their branding and their vision for the future. Their roadmap is very exciting, which includes powerful integrations from leading softwares to make data management more streamlined.

The Startup Journey

You may think there’s a big team behind this exciting startup, but you’re wrong. Spearheaded by the Founder and Solopreneur called Giuseppe Milazzo who has a background in marketing & graphic design.

No tech background, no coding knowledge. He just had a vision to improve the way we use and store business cards in today’s digital world, whilst making a positive impact on the planet.

Contapp’s route to market wasn’t like any other tech startup. This UK based startup is bootstrapped, self-funded and has grown completely organically since launching.

The Contapp business tool launched in the App Stores at the start of the pandemic, unbeknown to them that COVID was going to be a global pandemic.

However as the pandemic unfolded, they had to pivot and turn the crisis into an opportunity. Business professionals soon saw Contapp as the COVID-friendly, convenient and only way to manage and share business cards, directly to the end user’s smartphone.

Since then, Contapp now has active users in all four corners of the world, mainly in the UK, USA & India.

Growing a Bootstrapped Startup Organically

Being bootstrapped, Contapp doesn’t have an endless pit of money. So their strategic thinking for growth has been solely down to organic methods and careful budgeting.

This includes social media, blogging, ASO/SEO, collaborations (podcasts etc), email marketing, networking and key partnerships. All of which are done by the Founder himself, including the branding and content you see.

Since the consistency of these methods have proven difficult at times, it has taken Contapp to a level where they have active users around the world. It also opened doors for external PR opportunities as well, such as radio interviews, podcasts and even a live prime time interview on Australian News.

However, this is just the start of their roadmap. What’s to come from this exciting startup will really show a need for this technology. It’s all down to planning and finding what customers need.

The Ethos of Contapp

Built for business professionals, that gives it away. Contapp is a user-centric startup and tries to engage their community of users to shape their platform. It’s a great way of building a business tool for the end-user, rather than just guessing.

The sustainability side of this startup is also something that they really push. Did you know, 7.2 million trees are destroyed every year for business cards alone? It’s a staggering fact, which is why Contapp is building a platform that brings value to users, whilst actually saving the planet.

Contapp’s whole business is based on data, so they have prioritised the security of user data very much. For example, in their latest app update, users have the option to add biometric login to get into their Contapp account. In the backend, data is stored in two separate servers, one of which is encrypted which is for their users business card library. Extreme security to say the least.

Providing value to users, maintaining high data security and saving the planet are all at the heart of everything Contapp does as a bootstrapped tech startup.

Best Startup – Exclusive Invitation

Contapp have kindly offered all of our readers an exclusive invitation to their Early Adopters Programme, with limited spaces available on a first come basis.

What does the Early Adopters Programme mean? Good question. It means you’ll be part of an exclusive community of entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals, benefiting from premium for life. You’ll have complete access to Contapp’s Enterprise Plan, without the monthly subscription.

Limited spaces available, register here and save your place:

Ready to Try Contapp?

Download Contapp for free on iOS & Android to experience the most secure digital solution to saving and managing your business cards.

If you believe your business/startup shares the same vision as Contapp and you want to explore a partnership opportunity, drop the team an email today at [email protected]

Follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter now.

Photo by Oscar Söderlund on Unsplash

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