Lockdown has removed the barrier between fans and artists

April 14, 2021

Live streaming, impromptu Instagram gigs, Q&As, and SoundClash TV: Global music discovery and ticketing platform, DICE discuss how fans and artists became closer this past year.

With concerts and festivals all but shutting down in the UK since the beginning of the pandemic, 2020 saw live music revenue drop by 85% according to a report by UK Music. The report also saw artists lose between 65% and 80% of their income as a result depending on their reliance on touring and gigs.

Over the course of the last 11 months, we have increasingly seen artists in more informal environments, connecting with their fans on a much deeper level. From 90s legends Brandy and Monica performing live on their Instagram to electronic DJ duo BICEP creating a group WhatsApp for fans, UK and international audiences have seen content creators and artists shift to digital in order to adapt, and maintain both an income and their relationships with their fans. Through ticketed live stream gigs and events, as well as impromptu live performances on their social media channels, artists have been able to support themselves financially while reducing barriers in their relationships with their fans in a truly unprecedented manner. These digital performances have allowed fans to connect more intimately with their favourite artists, write live comments and receive direct responses, fostering both a sense of community and affinity between music lovers and artists.

DICE, the global music discovery and ticketing platform, has been at the forefront of the industry in their seamless adaptation to the pandemic, offering high quality, personalised virtual events and live streams, supporting artists while they cannot tour, and allowing fans to connect and build on these uniquely intimate relationships with their favourite artists during Covid-19.

DICE saw a variety of artists over the lockdown period utilising livestreams via DICE to connect with their fans, including: BICEP; FKA Twigs; Iggy Pop; Björk and more with many artists feeling the major impact this had on the nature and closeness of their relationship with fans. 

Case Studies

BICEP – @feelmybicep

BICEP, an electronic music and DJ duo from Belfast are an excellent example of artists that have utilised social media and digital events to breakdown barriers in their relationship with fans throughout lockdown. The duo have conducted impromptu performances on their socials, utilised DICE as a platform for ticketed live streams for higher quality, personal performances for their fans, and even set up WhatsApp groups with their biggest fans throughout lockdown. This engagement has seen the band connect deeply with their fans, get feedback on what their fans want, and foster a true sense of community and closeness, breaking down old barriers that existed pre-pandemic.

DAME – @dame_uk

Talking about their experience as a smaller band during lockdown, DAME commented on both the concerns this brought with it regarding growing a fanbase, as well as the opportunities live streaming and word of mouth have provided to build new relationships and nurture existing ones. 

“Being able to do live-streams during lockdown has meant that we were able to create a personal connection with our fans that we weren’t necessarily able to do at live gigs. As a small band, initially we were worried that lockdown would affect our ability to grow a fanbase but live streaming has been an invaluable tool to create connections with fans. There’s a lovely vulnerability to playing guitar in your East London bedroom or kitchen, and that can be really special for the audience. You know the fans watching are really there to enjoy you and your music”.

About Personalised Live Streams 

DICE live streams connect fans to personalised live streams, ranging from streamed gigs, festivals and DJ sets, in addition to an array of online arts, culture and lifestyle events. Utilising DICE’s popular Discovery algorithm that learns what each fan loves, DICE live streams will recommend upcoming shows specially for them. 

Fans can buy tickets in seconds to shows they love. They can also invite and share with friends to support their favourite artists, venues, and shows. 

Artists, venues, promoters and creators can use DICE live streams to connect directly with fans, reach huge new audiences through Discovery, ticket their shows and grow their fanbase globally. When live events come back, they’ll be able to bring those who watched remotely together in real life. 


Founded in London in 2014, DICE has transformed how fans discover and buy tickets to live events and live streams all over the world. From A$AP Rocky to BICEP, Nick Cave to Primavera Sound Festival, from the up-and-coming to the world’s biggest acts, we work with major artists, leading promoters, and renowned venues worldwide. In addition to a respected music offering, DICE offers fans an array of arts, culture, and life style events. The app is highly personalized for each fan with a ‘Discover’ feature that recommends upcoming gigs and events just for them. Mobile-first, the app stops scalpers and protects fans. DICE is live in the U.K., U.S., France, Italy, Spain, India, and Australia – and accessible to fans globally through its live stream offering.


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