Office Interior Design Trends For 2023

May 17, 2023
Photo by Gia Tu Tran on Unsplash

Great office design offers many benefits for your business. Not only will it impress new clients, and encourage potential employees that come for an interview, but it can have a profound effect on the mood, morale, and productivity of your workers too. Indeed, the right office design can work wonders helping to facilitate better communication and collaboration and encouraging even the most staunch homeworkers, back into a shared space. Keep reading to discover the most crucial office interior design trends for 2023.



The first scorching hot office interior design trend for 2023 is biophilic design. Biophilic is a term used in design to refer to buildings and spaces that help their users feel a stronger connection to nature and the natural environment. Indeed, studies have shown that work environments that incorporate more natural elements and design can help boost mood and overall work satisfaction for employees.

There are many ways of using biophilic design in your office, from a complete rebuild from the ground up to use elements of this style in your current office. The essentials will include adding plenty of plants and greenery inside, as well as incorporating other natural features such as training vines and water where possible. Using architecture to merge the line between the outside and the inside of your working environment can be very effective as well, whether this is through floor-to-ceiling windows that allow lights and views of the outside in, or folding doors that easily create a transitory space between the inside out outside that means it’s easier for employees to work in both.


A major office interior design trend for 2023 that you simply cannot ignore is a relaxation of the work environment, spearheaded by tech companies both large and small, including most famously of all Google.

Yes, that’s right offices are becoming less formal and stuffy and are taking on more comfortable and relaxed qualities. What this means is that offices are becoming more like the third places that are warm and welcoming such as coffee shops, diners, and even lounges. Sure there are desks, but they often take the form of large communal tables, where workers can hot desk, or hold impromptu meetings, afterward retiring to padded booths, sofas, or even bean bags for their tasks.

For help moving from a formal to a more relaxed office environment working with a commercial office interior design and fit-out company is the best option. This is because they will not only be able to offer you the benefit of their design trend expertise but will be experienced in the practicalities of such a transition as well.


Sustainability is another huge office design trend in 2023 with employers being expected to show a concern for preserving the Environment in all aspects of running their business. Happily, there are many ways that you can incorporate sustainable design into your office environment including moving away from cheap low-quality goods that need to be replaced more frequently.

One option to consider here is to buy second-hand office furniture, as this can be a great deal cheaper, and not only will you be saving it from going into the landfill, but it’s often in great condition as well.

Alternatively, you can choose to furnish your office environment with items made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, as it is a sustainable material that helps to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and generate additional oxygen. Bamboo is even being used for office equipment now too including keyboards, risers, and computer mice.

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